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Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management
is a term widely used within the Travel Arena for those companies who do not focus on just one aspect of a person's life, but focus on every aspect. The wants and needs of an individual, a company, or a family are very different. There is conclusive evidence that the traditional has been replaced by fast paced media and online resources, that have made the need for growth in the business quite necessary. No longer are people walking into offices in search of their next vacation, they are researching, looking for different things to do and seeking a company like ours to work with.

What do we do that is different?
Unlike other companies who are absolutely necessary, we are not absolutely necessary we are a niche company for those who need specific types of luxuries that other companies are not familiar with nor do they provide. We work in a way that encompasses a private concierge a personal assistant, and a travel coordinator. As well we search our vendors for events and wedding planning, as well as the most basic of needs such as nanny and personal shopping services. All of this is part of a bigger picture, one that is more involved and time consuming, that is why Lifestyle Management is truly different.

What specialties can I expect to find with you?
We specialize in helping you do just about anything that is related to Travel, Corporate Retreats, Concierge Services, Event and Wedding Planning, VIP Security, Specialized Celebrity Services, Location Scout Services and we add the personal touches that you can only find here. Our Specialty also includes speaking Spanish, Portuguese, and English as well as having agents who can translate other languages for our mutual benefit.

What if I am a VIP and want Anonymity?
We have worked with top athletes, celebrities, royal families, government officials, Top 500 corporations as well as their corporate officers. We have never "name dropped" and you will not see a photo of us holding hands with or shaking hands with these clients. We believe the only way to true Anonymity is to ignore the status and appreciate the client. We take YOUR personal interest to heart. Everyone deserves a stress free vacation where they don't have to worry about someone snapping a photo or harassing them. We are here to help you find that Zen and that Balance. We will make every effort to protect your identity by using any and all means necessary. We also ask that you do the same by expressing your need for privacy to any travel professional you work with in conjunction with our offices. We can only control our staff and affiliates.

Can your company help find us a house to buy or a car to buy?
We work with various vendors including licensed realtors and retailers. If you need something we are happy to refer you to their offices. If we have someone in house that can assist we are happy to forward your information to them. This is the way in which we connect with each client, when you need something, we are here for you.

I want to Buy a Fur Coat, where do I go?
Luxury Lifestyle Management, Inc., clearly believes that fur and fur farming are not necessary in this day and age. We take pride in our Activism in the protection of animals both domestic and wild. Although we appreciate your requests we in no way support this line of business. If you are interested in Faux Fur we can help you find a vendor for that purpose.

Can you Help me Design a House?
Our vendors and licensed interior designers can assist with anything you may need, from the building to the design aspects and to the furnishings that you will need. We have a wide selection of vendors for this reason. We can absolutely help with that.

I would like to find Tickets to a sold out game?
We have licensed ticket brokers and we can help you find tickets to anything, including World Cup, Super Bowl, Rugby, The Olympics, Nascar, NFL Games, NBA Championship, NBA Playoffs, World Poker Tournament, and various theater and Broadway shows. We can do this because we have access to BOX SEATS that owners sell when not in use.

I need help renting my home out?
We have a luxury vacation rentals website dedicated to high end rentals by owner or placed by management company. We do this daily and can assist with your entire marketing strategy.

It's our 25th Anniversary and I want to do something special?
If you are looking to buy a gift of do something amazing for an anniversary than we can assist in planning a recreation of your first date or have you flown to a private island for a candlelit dinner, let us help you rediscover that special connection

My company wants to plan a company trip to Paris, is that possible?
If you are planning a trip to Paris there are wonderful apartments that can be rented throughout the city for less than you would pay for a hotel. We can also assist in helping you plan any ticket or service needs you may have. We also work in helping with relocation.

In addition to all of this we do so much more, we help you save time and that is one of the biggest benefits. We have helped families travel throughout the world and have helped plan their weddings, events, and so much more. We take what we do very seriously and are ready to help you with any of your Lifestyle needs. Give us a call to discuss.

What We Provide

  • Luxury Lifestyle Services
  • Family Travel Services
  • Corporate Travel Services
  • Wedding Planning Services
  • Event Planning Services
  • Nanny Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Chef Services
  • Luxury Villa Vacations
  • Luxury Yacht Vacations
  • Private Island Rentals
  • Exotic Car Rentals
  • Castle Rentals
  • VIP Travel Coordinator
  • Relocation Services
  • Personal Shopper
  • Maid Services
  • Referral Services


January 6, 2010
If I had to do it all again, I would. Maria and her team made my Private Island Wedding perfect. You cannot find better, even if you tried.
A. Maddison

February 27, 2010
We wanted to plan our 50th Anniversary and had worked with LLM for years. They made the experience into a memory caught on dozens of rolls of film. If I were to give them a rating it would be a AAAA.
Stanley A.