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Event Planning

Luxury Lifestyle Management and it's vendors have 25 Plus years of combined experience setting up beautifully designed Events. These events have ranged from 50 Year Anniversaries on privately chartered yachts, where the entire family has gone on a 1 week vacation to the Caribbean, to a beautifully designed baby shower where the mother to be was left to enjoy the day while we did all the work. These events are all part of a special day, one that should be remembered for its beauty and happiness and not the work that went into it. Let our vendors help you design a perfect event for your needs.

My company is launching a new brand and we wanted to fly everyone to New York for a night? We can absolutely help you with that, a private jet, some great ideas for restaurants, theater, or night club VIP tickets can be arranged with ease. In addition we can assist in any party you are planning in the area, just let us know what you need.

My daughter is turning 6 and she wants a circus at the house, is that even possible? With the right mix of vendors we can work on making your house look like a magical circus. One thing to consider is the size of your yard, if it's not large enough we may have to have the event offsite, but it can be done.

I want a Fairytale Wedding! We absolutely specialize in the fairytale weddings, from help with the dress, to the food and the wine lists, we can even have a Castle or Caribbean Wedding! How about a Wedding on the Beaches in Plettenberg South Africa or on a luxury yacht in Miami Beach, it's all very simple once you hire us for your special day.

I want to throw a bachelor party for my girlfriend, is that something you do? We can arrange transport and give you some ideas for what to do. Remember all persons must be 21 if entering a nightclub.

I really want a cirque type of birthday party, am I crazy? No, this is something very common now. The Cirque has done events in ballrooms, on yachts, it's all very doable. This is fairly expensive however, so be prepared for that.

I want to propose to my girlfriend can you help? We can arrange some amazing events around proposals, from help with the proposal, to the ring and location. She will remember it forever.

An Even is a Special and Magical thing, no matter what you are thinking. Let our Professionals help you in organizing it all and making it Perfect. Remember the cost of an event is something to consider, from the planning to the food and the location, if your budget is small, we can suggest some things to help you.

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January 6, 2010
If I had to do it all again, I would. Maria and her team made my Private Island Wedding perfect. You cannot find better, even if you tried.
A. Maddison

February 27, 2010
We wanted to plan our 50th Anniversary and had worked with LLM for years. They made the experience into a memory caught on dozens of rolls of film. If I were to give them a rating it would be a AAAA.
Stanley A.